Recent Testimonials

” So this past week I experienced a MIRACLE from my dear Lord! Somebody whom I dearly love was miraculous healed! I can’t disclose the persons name out of respect but some of you were praying so hard and I thank you all soooo much! The 1st report in which I received and read, clearly said there was cancer cells.  I was in shock, my heart sunk… I couldn’t believe what I was reading! After all my family and friends prayed, Pastor Glenn and Susan prayed…there is when healing came, and my Jesus instantly took out those cancer cells.  I received a call from 2 Doctors telling me they had to personally review the slides! They couldn’t believe that what had showed cancer is NO longer there!  I said that is how JESUS works!! AMEN!  All praise to my GOD, our healer!  Thanks to all my prayer warriors, love you all!” – Rachel